Thursday, March 6, 2008

robert bresson, jonas mekas, about unfinished playing records

..... a film about diagonals. diagonal angels, diagonal glances. about eyes that never really meet. a film without a single frontal shot. a film about three-quarter spaces. about the sound of closing doors. about the sound of footsteps. about the sound of things. about the sound of water. about shy glances. about unfinished glances. about the sound of glass. about death in our midst. about light falling on faces. about lights in the dark, falling on faces. about blood on forehead. about unfinished playing records. about a white crepe blouse. about blue. about flowers picked and never taken home. about the roaring of cars. about the roaring of animals. about the roaring of motorcycles. about green. about how life and death intercut with each other. about hands giving and taking. about hands. about lights on the door. about lights behind the door. about doors opening and closing. about lamps turned out. about brown and yellow. about yellow. about indirect glances. about glances. about one peaceful glance. about unfinished records. about doors opening and closing. about doors opening very gently. about half-opened doors. about people standing behind glass doors and looking in. about fool's hope. about hope. about a window which doesn't lead into life. about a red car seat. about a red shop window. about standing behind the door, looking in. about a green bed and green curtains. about one happy smile in the mirror, at oneself. about eyes which do not look even when asked. about the sound of metal. about sleep, about two diagonal lives.
(on bresson and une femme douce, 1969)

from jonas mekas, movie journal: the rise of a new american cinema 1959-1971, the macmillan company, 1972


Woolgathersome said...

Amazing - all of them!!

sroden said...

whoa... that is great!!!

the art of memory said...

there was another great mekas quote i wanted to post, not related to bresson, i will add soon, somewheres.