Thursday, April 24, 2008

edvard munch, the flaming sky, like blood

red images from:
peter watkins
: edvard munch, 1974 (long version)
cinematography by odd-geir sæther

i saw the flaming sky
like blood, like a sword over the fjord and the town (image 35)

also, see earlier entry on munch, ending with:

i felt as if there were invisible threads between us,
i felt as if invisible threads from her hair still twisted themselves around me,
and when she completely disappeared there over the ocean,
then i felt still how it hurt where my heart bleed,
because the threads could not be broken


VMV said...

very raw and beautiful material, do you know Georg Trakl?

the art of memory said...

not as well as i would like,
thanks for the idea, i will read some more.

Daniel said...

Transfixing! I need to see more of Watkins later stuff...

the art of memory said...

same here.

Alexis said...

thank you for post. just watched this the other day for the first time. a stunning, painful, beautiful film.

the art of memory said...


Brett said...

Peter Watkins is the most important filmmaker of the second half of the twentieth century.

In this film, and throughout his work, Watkins not only challenges the viewer but also other filmmakers to escape the restrictions of accepted cinematic processes:

the art of memory said...

i agree, one of the best films i have seen