Monday, July 14, 2008

paris et le daguerréotype

classic books (number 5):

paris et le daguerréotype - paris musées - 1989

la seine, le quai des orfèvres et notre-dame
anonyme - vers 1840-1843

fontaine, place de la concorde
anonyme - vers 1845

toits de paris
jean bernard leon foucault - vers 1844


Anonymous said...

These are breathtaking. Do you own a copy of this? It seems to be ungodly rare/expensive....

the art of memory said...

i do,
heard there were some on line a few weeks back for a reasonable price, around $100.00, maybe no longer though.
the book was about that price when it came out.

pedroludgero said...

Very nice blog, this one. I guess you don't speak portuguese, otherwise I'd invite to see mine.


the art of memory said...

thank you,
no, don't speak portuguese, but looks good in terms of the images.

Ian said...

These are really nice. Thanks for posting them.