Monday, March 16, 2009

the sublunar light with its softened colours

at times octavian even imagined he could see indistinct human forms flitting among the shadows, but they dissolved the moment they passed into the moonlit parts of the street. low whispering and indefinite murmurs drifted upon the silence. the solitary visitor at first attributed them to some nervous flicker of the eye, some tingling in his ears. or perhaps they were merely a trick of the light, the breath of the sea breeze, or the slither of a lizard or grass-snake through the nettles. for in the natural world, everything is alive, even inanimate matter; and everything has a sound, even silence.

théophile gautier - the tourist from my fantomes - nyrb - 2008
roman polanski - tess - 1979
cinematography by ghislain cloquet and geoffrey unsworth

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