Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the sounds of the sounds of the sounds of the sounds

twenty three recordings of reality by jean painlevé


Inquiring Camera Girl said...

This is one of the most unique blogs I've seen. You give significance to images most of us would just take for granted.

Thank you!

Yoel Meranda said...

a great post again. these are amazing images and i had never even heard of painlevé! is he really that good?

in any case, the stills are incredibly inspiring.

now i hope brakhage will be reborn as a fish who owns an underwater camera...

the art of memory said...

thanks i.c.g. for the nice words, glad you like the blog.
and yoel, they are nice films, maybe not of the same caliber as brakhage, but some really great moments, and if look at as "art", very refreshing.
it would be nice to see some brakhage as a fish films, i agree.