Sunday, August 2, 2009

the pinewood frenzy, once,

forthcoming tree film *

23five incorporated & ata present a night of projection, video and sound

grasslung & matthew swiezynski
pulse emitter & matthew swiezynski

saturday, august 8, 2009 - 8 pm
992 valencia street, san francisco ca
(for those in the bay area)

* stills from as yet untitled tree film inspired by the camera methods of stan brakhage and michael snow
(title discovered in paul celan's snow part)


thomas bel said...

matthew, the stills from your forthcoming tree-film are mysterious, pure beautiful , dark yet enlighten.

im looking forward to seeing it....

keep up the true tree work.


the art of memory said...

thanks thomas, i will send you a dvd when i get it less rough.

J.M. said...

really & truly gorgeous - green-blue dream just out of reach

jmac said...

I wish I could be there to see this cinema dream . . .

the art of memory said...

thanks for the comments, hope to put a dvd out with the birds next year.
actually might work better on a tv than projected because the details always seem to get lost projected.

thomas bel said...



Jason said...


I really like these images, I have been trying to do a few things similar myself.

Are you adjusting colours a lot or do the images come out like this at a certain time of night?

the art of memory said...

colors out of the camera, due to low light and some adjustments in the camera + many filters.

i like the scelsi and messiaen methods, which is to let the fellows above do the manipulations, and just basically, in this case, turn on the record button.

thanks for looking.

colin andrew said...

I hope your show on the 8th was successful and enjoyable! I wish I could have been there.

All the best,


the art of memory said...

thanks colin,
went very well,
though video needs lots of work,