Saturday, August 21, 2010

drawing sounds exploding bells...

animal sounds, made visible by bell's translator

frequency modulation series

print from a reader recorder tape

3/4 inch stick of pentolite exploding

electron diffraction record

a school of herring passing under a brown moon
max ernst - 1965

ocean, drawing - piet mondrian - 1909

second diagram of evolution (notebook b)
charles darwin - 1837

detail from the original diagram of evolution
origin of the species
charles darwin - ca. 1857

first five images in series - the new landscape in art and science - györgy kepes - 1956


jw said...

this is truly beautiful!

gossamer said...

*thank you*

Maddy Pikarsky said...

maddy at

this is a truly marvellous site to find thank you. what an inspiration.

Limen said...

It becomes rare.
Very inspiring site since a long time. Thank you.