Sunday, October 24, 2010

invisible birds - lenz, as from a distance / distant (forthcoming)

stan brakhage - unconscious london strata - 1982

strata refers to deeper and deeper layers of consciousness, those far removed from ordinary language and daily life. the images combine musically, while shape and light are often inseparable; streaming light becomes an ever-changing form. (fred camper)

currently on sabbatical from the art of memory to record an lp with arthur de eriomém in his beautiful library casa di memoria
this album is dedicated to 2 of mr. de eriomém's most beloved artists:
krzysztof penderecki & georg büchner
and to the idea of lontano (as from a distance / distant) *

here is a rough version of the first track, please send email to reserve copy or general questions *

matthew swiezynski - intro to lenz lp by invisible birds

(* please also refer to recorded versions by györgy ligeti, tomasz stańko and jan garbarek/bobo stenson/terje rypdal/arild andersen/jon christensen)


sarajo frieden said...

wow, i like this piece...also very much enjoyed the posts on your blog...thanks!

the art of memory said...

thank you very kindly.
glad you enjoy.