Monday, June 20, 2011

såsom i en spegel

ingmar bergman - through a glass darkly - 1961
cinematography by sven nykvist

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

corne de brume / une certaine eau


water, fog horn, stones, rain, j.s. bach, motor
(dialogue edited out)

sound - staffan dalin, stig flodin
music - j.s. bach, erik nordgren


grasprelease said...

Many of these movies (that you post stills from) I've seen before, some more than once, as with the Bergmans; and the stills essays, even the very short ones, always make the film look brand new to me. It's a great exercise in keeping vigilant for even flashing moments of cinema, even in "improbable" films. (Though I certainly wouldn't consider Bergman improbable!)

I am curious how you make your stills, i.e. whatat software you use? I ask because your still look so crystal clear...are the resulting captures/image files very large and need reduction in resolution or filesize? If so, how do you do this? I've meddled very little with images, but not stills taken from films. I have a mind to try my hand at this, as I've become quite the film addict over the past couple years.

the art of memory said...

hello, the films are great to watch over and over and over.
takes me at least 3 times before i can say i have seen the film.

i use dvdsnap2, works good.