Saturday, September 3, 2011

circles - tristesse engraved

how soon unaccountable i became tired and sick,
till rising and gliding out i wander’d off by myself,
in the mystical moist night-air,
and from time to time,
look’d up in perfect silence at the stars.*
capturing light - walt whitman -
when i heard the learn’d astonomer

images -
séraphine louis - fruit (frucht)
william langenheim and frederick langenheim - eclipse - 26 may 1854
susan derges - chladni figures - 1985
anders ritter von ettingshausen - section of clematis - 4 march 1840
rosalind franklin and r.c. gosling - x-ray diffraction patterns of a and b forms of sodium salt of dna - 1952
amédée guillemin - polychrome interference patterns, le monde physique - 1882
susan derges - hermetica (detail) - 1993
giuseppe pellizza da volpedo - the rising sun - 1904
alfred stevens - the milky way - 1885-1886

various image selections of mine have been included in the september issue of tristesse engraved - please take a look at it .
(many thanks to jez riley french for his generous efforts in helping to get this all out on time)


Tororo said...

I would have gladly commented on the latest entry, but comments were disabled for this one... Not that a big deal: the whole blog is worth praise! So let's just say (on this sort of randomly chosen entry): praise for your blog! ^___^

gossamer said...

thanks very much ! glad you are enjoying the blog...