Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the turin horse

béla tarr & ágnes hranitzky - the turin horse - 2011

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film

the fifth day : mihály vig and the omnipresent wind drone, heard in the distance

mihály vig - music
gábor ifj. erdélyi - sound mixer, supervising sound editor
jános csáki, csaba erös, istván pergel - sound recordists


the art of memory said...

looped wind reminds me of the classic westerns, john ford etc.; using loops for when the cow hands call out to their horses, and weather loops. also the many great loops of city sound/traffic sounds found in bresson films (like pickpocket)

frederico parreira said...

really, i love this. (and great blog, by the way)

the art of memory said...

thanks frederico