Thursday, April 5, 2012

visions obscurcies

ingenting kollektiva's fragments of night
now available from boomkat

**amazing album from this mysterious collective - an absolute must if you're into the haxan cloak, kreng, or indeed anything on the miasmah label. limited edition of 545 copies housed in gatefold jacket, includes a download code redeemable from the label** inspired and long-in-the-making side of dark, brooding neo-classical meditations housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. ingenting kollktiva is comprised of tarrl lightowler, and matthew swiezynski, and was made as a homage to the films of ingmar bergman and sven nykvist - particularly their quality of light, sound, and atmosphere. 'fragments of night' is also a direct response to a number of recordings from 1969 - miles davis & teo macero's 'in a silent way' & 'bitches brew', and vashti bunyan's 'just another diamond day', to name just a few - and was recorded at the lightowler's barn during a christmas rainstorm in 2009. the result is a rich tapestry of sounds played out with bells, bowed tibetan prayer bowl, cello, field recordings, guitars, harmonium, nightingale device, portable 78 record player, psaltery, tenor sax and shakuhachi flute, later edited at studio oiseaux invisibles to create a stunning, haunting arrangement of sounds you never quite get the measure of. the recordings' sense of space is just astonishing and meticulously crafted, bringing to mind the darkened visions of the haxan cloak, infused with an unstable quality which means you never quite know where the recordings will take you next...

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