Sunday, October 28, 2012

i can feel the sea falling over my head

the regular edition of our new ingenting kollektiva release lost beyond telling is now shipping
please see our website for more details and the buy it now feature.

the release includes :

cd : a 79 minute reinterpretation by johannes d'église of ingenting kollektiva's lp fragments of night, with additional material from j.s. bach, ingmar bergman, olivier messiaen, johannes d'église, and matthew swiezynski, mastered by 12k mastering

dvd : 3 films; spectral analysis loops, my heart, delirious with sound, and i can feel the sea
falling over my head 
collaborations between tarrl lightowler and matthew swiezynski
music for deep in the glowing was mastered by giuseppe ielasi
(some alternative versions can be seen on vimeo)

thanks, the art of memory / oiseaux invisibles


J.M. said...

Love the album. I have a long commute to/from work and it was the perfect thing to listen to on my drive home yesterday as the outer reaches of the hurricane threw the atmosphere into tumult.

the art of memory said...

thanks j.m., the weather must be quite lovely, hope no damage to where you are, nyc looks pretty wet