Saturday, April 20, 2013

drowned by voices, somewhat rather slowly

dear readers,

now available :

a limited edition invisible birds release drowned by voices, somewhat rather slowly

a release of mr. arthur de eriomém's interpretation of kurosawa's old man in the rain from the seven samurai

this limited edition release is enclosed in an handmade sleeve, in an edition of 100, numbered with a tipped in plate. available as a cdr + download, or just download alone

this new download/cdr series is being made available in the hopes of raising funds for future releases of the invisible birds (specifically, the LP ingenting kollektiva 3!!!)

technical data :

new version of the 2011 drowned by voices, recomposed avril 15th 2013 with an analog delay and fender twin reverb
computer used for smooth editing

title inspired by david toop's sinister resonance
dead photo by chi yun
mastered by matthew swiezynski

next on the list : mr yannick dauby and his soft hares

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