Monday, June 17, 2013

une histoire de bleu & to dye every night

* 2 new releases on invisible birds *

une histoire de bleu by mr. tomonari nozaki. abstract sound projections & melodies using destruction techniques discovered with reel to reel tape-loop splicings and other analogue romanticisms. mr. nozaki has beginnings in minimal techno and experimental music, and after a slight pause from music, has returned in 2012 with some transcendental experimentations into the rarely visited places of "liminality" and "the sublime".

to dye every night by mr. thomas bel. rain, voice, guitar and reverse romanticisms. presented with a deceptively simplistic language, minimalistic, yet sublimely scuttling across the floors of silent seas. perhaps yearning for love and cruelty, a slowly growing blindness, impossible memory.
(as borges described it)

handmade numbered editions of 100, with  a tipped in plate and booklet.
photography and design by matthew swiezynski


oilbyrd said...

inspiring to see the birds take a turn for the prolific.

the art of memory said...

like rabbits :)