Saturday, November 30, 2013

pursuers of the light: community of light & mount analogue, a night of live invisible birds music

(graphics by chi yun)

community of light & mount analogue live

saturday, december 14th, 2013

a night of experimental, psych, drone, kosmische music with live visuals

community of light :  matthew swiezynski, michael malinski and chi yun
mount analogue : chi yun and matthew swiezynski

community of light is a collective of artists & musicians working in the post kraut cosmic drone continuum which was initiated by mr. robert fludd and has come to full fruition in the twenty-first century in various forms.  specifically; as pursuers of the Light, which is often called Darkness, and a sound we call silence (with a method called night vision).

one critic of note has said of the community : "community of light reconceives a music that has for a long time been gathered from the invisible and most ancient of all communities, which has been in existence since the creation of the Cosmos, and will be with us through the end of time.  their music is highly influenced by krautrock, psychedelic, ambient, british folk, electronic and experimental and avant garde music."

bios :

chi yun is a visual artist, painter, designer and electronic ambient musician who moved to oakland after residing in brooklyn for many years.  her work has been shown in group exhibitions in new york and is based on geometric abstraction, surrealism, mysticism and shamanism. 

matthew swiezynski is an abstract film-maker and musician based in oakland california. he currently operates the record label invisible birds, which issues music and dvds by artists who work with abstraction, the environment, bird life, and the spiritual in art.  he is a member of the ingenting kollektiva with tarrl lightowler and has also released some solo recordings.

michael malinski (aka michael michael), originally trained in traditional darkroom fine art photography, has expanded into studies & works in paper making, ink drawing, jewelry design & construction, and music. his work, often based on dreams and subconscious states, has shown in solo & group exhibitions in and around chicago, new york, tucson and san francisco. he currently resides in cherryland.

show info :

community of light: 9pm
matthew swiezynski: guitar, baritone guitar, delay/reverb devises
michael malinski: synthesizer, bass, prayer bowl, vocals
chi yun: synthesizer, electronics, vocals

mount analogue: 8:30pm
chi yun: synthesizer, electronics, vocals
matthew swiezynski: guitar, baritone guitar, delay/reverb devises

tony watts & micheal malinski: 8:00pm sharp
tony watts: guitar, harmonica
michael malinski: percussions, bass

also featuring :

ambient sound/visual performance: 10pm
music by silver bough (harmonium and acoustic guitar), and films by matthew swiezynski

video/sound projections throughout the night
by michael malinski, matthew swiezynski, sonia chandra, tarrl lightowler and chi yun

the art house gallery & cultural center
2905 shattuck ave.
berkeley, ca 94705

doors open at 7pm
show starts 8pm sharp
$5  - $10 donation

food, tea and beverages available

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