Thursday, March 26, 2015

a quandary in the year of our lord, 2015 (kickstarter campaign is live)

5 reasons we are excited about our new kickstarter campaign, and why others should look at (and support) the said campaign :

1. we are very proud to be reissuing on LP a cdr that has been an huge inspiration the last few years; asphodel’s aokigahara, the black sea of trees. it is one hell of a release, and to put it on wax with newly inspired graphics and photography is an exciting moment in the history of the label.

2. to be finally issuing the new record by ingenting kollektiva : an anatomy of melancholy. this record was commissioned back in 2010 by a UK LP label that sadly never got off the ground. over the last 5 years the kollektiva has added and subtracted much material, mostly concentrating on it in 2014. the music is a very different experience than the previous two releases.

3. to be working with the 2 very exciting and under appreciated visual artists, tarrl lightowler and zacharias kether. mr. lightowler did the album art for the asphodel release and mr. kether did the album art for ingenting. also, mr. kether has agreed to do an edition of 10 drawings for the release, normally in a gallery these would sell for a not so small amount, but because of his enthusiasm for the label, mr. kether has agreed to sell them for much less so we can get our records into existence.

4. the label has been around since 2008 and getting the money to put out releases has been daunting, and frankly, not very interesting. we decided we were either going to close the doors or go for broke and issue 2 high-end releases where we spared no expense. we are very confident that these un-fledged birds will learn to fly!

5. we commissioned the foremost erich zann scholar from poland; wtameht wszyienski, to do our voice over in the kickstarter video. a year ago when we mentioned on this blog being inspired by erich zann; and especially his relation to memory and music's memory of music, we received a letter in the mail from mr. wszyienski, saying he was in full support of our cause and would do whatever needed. still have yet to read his scholarship, as it is in a language we cannot read, yet there is a deep appreciation for his spirit, which is always present with him, in each correspondence. it was a dream come true to finally hear his voice, and we are very happy to have him on board.
one thing he mentioned to us is in a letter : "these years of being able to access memory with little effort; it is fine. i find in zann a period where memory is something you try your entire life to access, and when you finally locate it; you find you have been dreaming.... these are the memories i am interested in, and that you seem to be my friend of non existent memories!"

your friend
matthew swiezynski

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