Friday, July 15, 2016

a flemish visitor

two popular songs for the youth of america, reinterpreted through the luminous hands of jan van eyck, and later that evening envisioned by ingenting kollektiva

these two songs originally conceived in february 2013 (i might be dreaming) and august 2012 (i am close to the edge), and modified slightly for this release (mainly i might be dreaming)

i might be dreaming
- mutilated cover of a song by a young man from aberdeen who died quite young

i am close to the edge - destroyed cover of a song by a couple from duluth


Ibrâhîm ibn Ya`qûb said...


I recently discovered your space and become an everyday visitor. I'm passionate about the music and the images. So I am here to thank you for keeping this space and to ask for recommendations of names and or links, mainly on experimental films and music.

the art of memory said...

hi thanks for the comment! i put these two up a while back :