Friday, May 19, 2017

plato's cave twenty eight (being a film journal)

recent films the last couple of weeks

peter yates - robbery - 1967
first time watching. one great film. white knuckle

jordan peele - get out - 2017
strange twist on the horror genre. not without interest. kill those wonder bread force feeders

denis villeneuve - arrival - 2016 & prisoners - 2013
second time for both of these films. i love them, and the jóhann jóhannsson soundtracks are just pure pleasure. i have watched sicario a few times in the last year as well, probably my favourite of the three. intense film. actorshippe is very strong in the three of these: hugh jackman, amy adams, benicio del toro

cohen brothers - no country for old men - 1996 & the big lebowski - 1998
watched both of these recently for the hundredth time. never gets old. especially pleased watching tbl under the spell of a g&t or two

mike nichols - working girl - 1988
those haircuts are painful. I like alec baldwin in it

john carpenter - escape from new york - 1981
another film i have watched endlessly over the years. not one of my favourites by him but there is some real magic to the film and a great cast

joshua marstan - complete unknown - 2016
i like the cast but the film was not quite there, something didn't work, maybe the story. after reading stories by folks like proust and melville, this kind of story seems a bit like old shite. the cast is good which is why i watched

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