Wednesday, June 20, 2018

ecclesia negotium

oiseaux invisible is now having a summer sale on bandcamp. please enter the code "aestas" to get a 30% proper discount.

the label was started in 2008 with like minded fledglings seeking to issue recordings of interest to both themselves and hopefully others. we now close the label in the year of our lord 2018 with much thanks, and offer this discount to avium who potentially didn't get everything they thought pertinent.

on a side note, our librarian was asked to help out with an anonymous website/label/artist site in which ego has been completely removed from the picture and artists work anonymously. invisible birds started with an idea to give obscure artists a voice in a voiceless world, and here it seems the quest has gone to an even more extreme place. if you would like to observe this experiment via their mailing list, please send us an email (warbler at invisiblebirds dot org) and we will forward to our trusty librarian. the site is up and running but the person/persons behind it wish not to advertise, but to be stumbled upon.

thanks so much for supporting the label over the years! and in the words of our friend lester de pace "find the oiseaux that flies in the direction you would not go and ask this friendly fellow why they go in this direction... upon hearing their answer - go the opposite path that the fine oiseaux proposes as long as it is not your original path. if it is your original path then ask another oiseaux and repeat these steps ad infinitum"


Glorious Jail said...

Hi,well i'm not sure if sad is the correct word but i do feel moved when good things come to an end.I hope you plan to do other creative projects in the future as the aesthetics of IB label is top shelf.I come here for your writing and hope that it will expand back out into the other arts such as music,visual arts,books or any other topics because its the kind of subjective/objective approach that i so enjoy.
The Stone nyc moved this year but in my mind it closed since shows are now 20$ and its old location in LES was a big part of what made it so special.,Issue project too,pioneer works are all worth checking for events since you now live in nyc. Silent barn closed this year and even though its schedule was hit or miss,it was a very competent DIY venue.NY city is in a questionable time period and i'm curious if it will remain a viable creative chrysalis for people of different class/cultures.Seeing that you lived in brownsville for a brief time says a lot as to the affordability of the city.For those readers who don't know Brownsville it is one of a couple of ''hoods'' that are time capsules of the city's past and is rough in every possible way.
Moving on i thought i would share some recent musical fixations that you might enjoy as well.
Greg gorlen x 3 albums-Mold flowers,Fruiting stump,Gray. -
-Looped cassette cuts with age beauty,plus album art that directly relates in a way.
Roy Montgomery R M H Q: Headquarters-
-love these pieces,mini movies put to tape,like Roy covering Roy.
T.G. Olson-The Complete Blood Meridian For Electric Drone Guitar-
Exactly is what it says it is.Perfect for letting the mind wander around without limits.
Squrl-All of the ep/singles if you can find them,i wish they would just put them together as a comp.Hard to describe but if Neu! and Spacemen 3 had a baby it might sound like this.
Ok more later if interested,have recently been inspired to start dialogues with people i don't personally know.I've seen a lot of this going on in the world and i think the breaking down of orthodox communication boundaries is really interesting. Supposedly in the esoteric realm it is related to the uranus in taurus transit,but whatever it is i think it may be a very good thing for humanity(hopefully).

the art of memory said...

Hi sorry I didn't get this comment. I thought it might have gone into my spam but I guess blogger just didn't want to let me know :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the writing, going to keep going with this blog, just not the label. There is another project that has much writing that I have assisted with but under strict order from the admin I am not allowed to publicly speak about it or mention even in passing, I can send you the link though if you are interested, just send me an email mswiezynski at the google mail. It is quite esoteric in terms of writing etc. yet of interest I think. Probably will give most of my time to it in the next year or so...

I always wanted to live in NYC but it does seem I moved at a low point but where I came from (SF and Portland) had been in low points for a hell of a long time. I think the advantage to NY (for some people) is being able to get a decent paying job. I had not had a job that really paid my entire life until I moved here, so that is a plus. Living in Brownsville was a downside but luckily I live in Clinton Hill/Bedstuy now but on a really funky block. Good apartment though but expensive. I have not gone to a lot of shows here but some here and there, Pioneer Works, Issue Proj. Many of the shows I want to see are bloody expensive! Strange how at Pioneer works, even for pretty esoteric show, there is a line around the corner to get in. I kind of miss going to shows and only seeing losers like myself. More than anything the movie culture here is just unreal but again, hard to go to much of it with a full time job. So many great places to see film, blows away every city I have lived in by far. Thanks for those music recs. I am listening to the Blood Meridian now, very nice!

Dialogue is a good thing by the way! thanks for the messages, always look forward to your comments