Monday, July 16, 2018

oiseaux invisibles | caged in light .:. freed in darkness

cage is shut. cage is open. oiseaux invisibles operations have ceased in this present world of Time and Light. devotees and wanderers thank ambassadors slow, lightowler and swiezynski for their forming of fledglings into musical birds unseen. the shape of these sounds pleases me. the movement of intention from their creators is felt in the dark, & so should these sounds continue henceforth in the dark. & as the darkness moves the sounds move with it & shall continue to move in magnanimity, in anonymity, to those who will receive it. the gradient of light pleases me. the movement of darkness pleases me. thank you oiseaux invisibles for gradients of light. for sounds unheard.
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Thanks very much to Adrian Dziewanski at The Alcohol Seed for writing this very flattering article on the Invisible Birds record label, focusing on the history, cultural significance and relationship to medieval anti-ornithological movements in Great Britain.

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