Friday, May 9, 2008

blurred layers of sound

classic drone (number 1):

colin andrew sheffield, first thus, elevator bath, 2005

first thus: the first edition published in the present form. often used to denote a book that was published previously by a different publisher.

i'm not sure how i ever let this one escape me the past couple of years. i've always enjoyed colin's previous projects, which are also available on his own fine label, elevator bath.

colin sheffield's first thus (a term referencing a first edition book in its present form), is breathtaking, to put it simply - - -
first thus begins beautifully with a faint, stretched melody evolving into warm, blurred layers of sounds that subtly thicken, ebb and wash over each other.
somehow, amidst ghostly whirrs, there maintains a calmness to the work like delicately dispersed thunder dissolving and quietly billowing into the atmosphere. the cd gracefully returns to an evocative slowed melody, reminiscent of distant drifting voices in a motet...
it's one of the most delicately beautiful things I've heard.

*** come closer (excerpt)

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