Thursday, May 29, 2008

second addendum to the essential cinema

- lindsay anderson: o lucky man!, 1973

- paul thomas anderson: there will be blood, 2007

- robert benton: the late show, 1977

- ingmar bergman: virgin spring, 1960

- claude berri: le vieil homme et l'enfant (the two of us), 1967

- mary ellen bute: rhythm in light, 1934

- nuri bilge ceylan: uzak (distant), 2002

- coen brothers: no country for old men, 2007

- joseph cornell: carousel animal opera, 1930
- joseph cornell: jack's dream, 1930
- joseph cornell: thimble theater, 1930

- david cronenberg: eastern promises, 2007

- george cukor: diner at eight, 1933
- george cukor: a star is born, 1954

- walt disney & david hand: bambi, 1942

- evelina domnitch & dmitry gelfand: camera lucida, 2006

- daryl duke: payday, 1973

- oskar fischinger: an optical poem, 1938

- john ford: drums along the mohawk, 1939

- milos forman: lásky jedné plavovlásky (loves of a blonde), 1965

- david gordon green: george washington, 2000

- edmund goulding: grand hotel, 1932

- ulu grosbard: straight time, 1978

- alexander hall: here comes mr. jordan, 1941

- howard hawks: the thing from another world, 1951

- werner herzog: the enigma of kaspar hauser, 1974

- norman jewison: in the heat of the night, 1967

- larry jordan: works

- abbos kiarostami: five dedicated to ozu, 2003

- *dimitri kirsanoff: rapt, 1934

- henry koster: no highway in the sky, 1951

- stanley kubrick: dr. strangelove or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, 1964
- stanley kubrick: barry lyndon, 1975

- gregory la cava: my man godfrey, 1936
- gregory la cava: stage door, 1937

- albert lamorisse: le ballon rouge, 1956
- albert lamorisse: crin blanc: le cheval sauvage , 1953

- ang lee: brokeback mountain, 2005

- mike leigh: secrets & lies, 1996

- mike leigh: all or nothing, 2002

- david lynch: eraserhead, 1977
- david lynch: blue velvet, 1986 (not sure why i left these out of the original list)

- rouben mamoulian: queen christina, 1933

- man ray: le retour a la raison, 1923

- paul mazursky: harry and tonto, 1974

- oscar michaeax: body and soul, 1925

- vincente minelli: meet me in st. louis, 1944

- kenji mizoguchi: sansho the bailiff, 1954

- roy william neill: sherlock holmes in pursuit to algiers, 1945

- yuri norshteyn: hedgehog in the fog, 1975

- yasujiro ozu: early spring, 1956
- yasujiro ozu: tokyo twilight, 1957

- james parrot: the music box, 1932 (laurel & hardy move a piano)

- leighton pierce: mr person in the water, 2006

- nicolas ray: lusty men, 1952

- dick richards: rafferty and the gold dust twins, 1975

- tony richardson: the loneliness of the long distance runner, 1962

- richard sarafian: vanishing point, 1971

- martin scorsese: the last waltz, 1978

- vittorio de sica: la ciociara (two women), 1960

- don siegel: the shootist, 1976

- todd solondz: happiness, 1998

- ralph steiner: mechanical principles, 1930

- jános szász: woyzeck, 1994

- andrei tarkovsky: ivanovo detstvo (ivan's childhood), 1962

- andré de toth: crime wave, 1954

- jacques tourneur: canyon passage, 1946

- irwin winkler: guilty by suspicion, 1991

- william wyler: detective story, 1951

images from no country for old men
* have not seen


Duck said...

I just saw Crin Blanc, which was spectacular. The editing is amazing, and several times I wondered how the #$%@ did he get that shot?!?

I have also taken steps to get Yuri Norshteyn's films (on DVD) into my possession – thanks for the tip.

Pinkerton said...

Happened to see Billy Wilder's "The Apartment". Some very interesting minimalist composition--particularly at the beginning. Worth a look.

the art of memory said...

pretty amazing, the last shot especially, very sad.
the dvd of norshteyn's work is pretty nice, wish i had it.

i love the apartment, one of my favourite films, especially the miesian/som interiors and how he shot them, surely an influence on structural film - snow and gehr, even if they weren't familiar with it.

i have some other lists
thanks for taking a look....

emptyflow said...

Thanks for a very splendid blog concept.
All of the films you mention seem very interesting (I was a bit surprised to find Disney films there, but why not). Some of them are familiar to me, others not. I just bought a DVD-box consisting of films by Ozu. Will be interesting to watch.

the art of memory said...

i like those old disney films, want to start adding more, like fantasia with fischinger's contributions.
that ozu set is great...
thanks for the comment.