Friday, December 12, 2008

at sea

this invisible art of memory - magic hour number 1 - 2007
by matthew swiezynski

playing at the san francisco cinematheque
sunday, december 14 at 7:30pm
location - yerba buena center for the arts, san francisco
(at sea by peter hutton also playing)
701 mission street (corner of third)


the art of memory said...

a bunch of film posts to come, have been too busy lately to post, our apologies...

GMT said...

wonderful blog!

I quite like the long running sequences of film stills.

What software do you use to take such nice ones?

Cheers from Canada!

the art of memory said...

thanks, this still is just from fcp,
gives a high quality image.

GMT said...

ah, great!

thanks for letting me know.



the art of memory said...

there is dvd capture that works good, which just allows you to do on a mac, what apple won't let you do, a screen capture when a dvd is in the computer.

GMT said...

yes, i use something of that nature. VLC, which is a playback program that allows for multi-regional dvds and can take "snapshots"

just uploaded some stills earlier.

the art of memory said...

ill try that one
the kaurismaki look good