Sunday, December 14, 2008

of visible secret visions

study for camino real, gouache on paper
(blueprint graph), 1967

line involvement v, lithograph, 1964

enmeshed I, lithograph, 1963

... our pounding heart drives us down, deep down to the source of all.
what springs from this source, whatever it may be called, dream, idea or phantasy - must be taken seriously only if it unites with the proper creative means to form a work of art.
then those dreams become realities -- realities of art which help to lift life out of its mediocrity.
for not only do they, to some extent, add more spirit to the seen, but they also make secret visions visible.

paul klee, from the book anni and josef albers - latin american journeys, hatje cantz, 2007

all images by anni albers


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I noticed we share many of the same favorites in film and music. Would you mind if I link your blog to mine?

gossamer said...

hi, thanks for the nice comment.
we'd be happy if add us as a link to your blog!
what is your blog, by the way?

Anonymous said...

nowhere near as cerebral as what you guys have here, but I enjoy it.