Sunday, June 28, 2009

silent version 1750-1950

new film in progress - due august in the silent version,
late 2009 in the sound version


v•i•l•s said...

The stills look incredible! I can't wait to see the final results...


the art of memory said...

thank you, it is coming along very slow, need a better computer...

shades said...

Very nice. What sort of camera do you use?
I m active with my art too. Got into pdh of some sort mixedmedia department,here at university. You would like cos it has old links between music and visual art and includes all pure mixedmedia arts too.
So, its interesting but hard cos I work, study and try to create, but that is what I live for.
I do enjoy the atmosphere on linear, tree alike :-)fragments of the movies.
Keep exploring, it does look unconscious.

the art of memory said...

i use an hd camera that i give wine to instead of battery power, that is why she goes red most of the time and the images get a little blurred out.
shes been reading a biography of townes van zandt lately which has gotten her drinking even more.

and hope the work goes well, not easy sometimes to get it going.


jgrzinich said...

keep it up! looking forward to more

the art of memory said...

thanks john,
slow going, i think i am going to dedicate a year to making this film, because it is a hard film to make look right, very very quick movements slowed down to about %8 with around 8 layers, all off a bit.
quite disorienting.

the wendy and lucy dvd has 2 hutton films, and i think there is a dvd out there, but more at museum prices, don't know of any others but if i find them i will let you know, really great work.