Tuesday, February 9, 2010


jules janssen - photographies de la surface solaire - 1884


DL said...

Darkness moves, indeed, and I am all the more moved by these pictures because I spent six years of my working life at the observatory where Jules Janssen made these pictures more than a century ago. The instrument he made them with is not there any more, but the place is.
Thanks from a reader and "a seeer".

the art of memory said...

thanks for the comment, that is really something, must have been wonderful.
i saw some of these in paris, and was ready to get out my check book, till i saw it was a years salary.
sure are pretty though

is there a site for the place/instrument?


DL said...

The photos were probably made at the Paris Observatory, in Meudon, which is now one of the largest research institutes in Europe. I think the instrument doesn't exist anymore, only parts of it.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Wow, this is amazing!