Saturday, February 26, 2011

rio bravo

howard hawkes - rio bravo - 1959

classic drone series
sound, sound design, music in film
(univers du western)

 opening sequence with dean martin looking for a drink in the cantina
unusual edits in the music plus changes in the mood of the music accentuate
the action and violence
in contrast to the editing of the picture, which is pretty standard, except for
the drawing and firing of the pistol by joe burdette (screen captures)

certainly one of the most striking and inventive opening sequences in film history
the first dialogue is at 4.45 into the film

(for more unusual editing in a fight scene : see the bar fight with bogart in
nicholas ray's in a lonely place - 1950)

music - dimitri tiomkin,
dean martin, ricky nelson, walter brennan - my rifle my pony and me, cindy, rio bravo
(see dean martin bear family box set return to me)
sound - robert b. lee (the treasure of the sierra madre, the big sleep)

(number 11 of 500 detailing westerns)