Thursday, March 22, 2012

mounds of shadows loomed here and there in the darkness

extremely lovely and beguiling release from the ingenting kollektiva, a quartet of apparently like-minded souls based in california and north carolina who have, for their debut long-player, crafted two slowly enveloping fog-drenched and lichen-covered aural landscapes. the liner notes to the album state that the collective's name is taken as an homage to director ingmar bergman and his longtime cinematographer, sven nykvist, and indeed the music here is evocative of one of bergman's beloved magic lanterns -- FULL OF SHADOWS AND FLICKERING AMBER HUES, GENTLY CYCLICAL REFRAINS REDOLENT OF HALF-FORGOTTEN MEMORIES. there's a long list of instruments and sounds that went into making this tapestry (bells, harmonium, old 78rpm classical records, etc.), but used and processed in a way that seems to completely de-familiarize them -- IMAGES ERASED TO FADED OUTLINES. it's possible that i'm the ideal listener for this album, as two of the collective's members have for several years run one of my favorite blogs on the internet, the art of memory, an impressively rich catalog of film stills and music recommendations whose tastes and interests nearly mirror that of my own, and which any of our customers should check out if they haven't. their unerring taste on the aforementioned blog is reflected here in the packaging for this album, a gorgeous gatefold LP featuring the photography of collective member tarrl lightowler. one of the best looking and sounding albums of the year so far for me, very highly recommended.
*digital download coupon comes with record* [mk] (released 2012)

~ michael klausman / other music

(title - madame bovary)
(images - en route to glühwein and spätzle at the neue gallerie)

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