Tuesday, February 26, 2013


matthew swiezynski  enneige  1999, 16mm

music : très lent by tarrl lightowler & matthew swiezynski, which includes 840 layers of
erik satie's vexations. layers recorded on a reel to reel with the erase head covered up.
new melodic elements added in 2013.
actress : madeleine bonn
this version is from a 16mm transfer to vhs, then transferred to the computer. invisible birds is hoping to get some funding to transfer numerous 16mm films directly to hd video for a bluray release. any assistants or ideas please contact us at invisiblebirds at gmail


oilbyrd said...

hypnotic beauty. imagining it shown in a darkened theatre, looped indefinitely.

the art of memory said...

darker than a pigs dirty foot on the infinity loop is the goal