Tuesday, August 1, 2017

plato's cave thirty five (being a film journal) it is happening again

Mark Frost and David Lynch - Twin Peaks - 2017
From Part One - New York establishing shot

Obsessing over the imagery of the New York "screening room" from Part One of Twin Peaks. The screening room is presented initially as a place for the young man to look into the "glass box".  It reminds this viewer not only of the obsessiveness some people (myself included) have for watching films for hours and hours a day, it also has a connection to the binge watching of television that was made possible by netflix and the like.

Our viewer has interruptions though.... from an attractive young women presenting coffee and wanting possibly other things that may not be considered christian. This begins one of the great mysteries of the show, who is the billionaire that is paying for this? what is going on in the box?

In terms of the visuals; it is easy to make connections to some 20th and 21st century artists. From the architectural monumentality of Richard Serra to the quiet contemplativeness and voyeurism of Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper - Intermission - 1963
Edward Hopper - Solitary Figure in a Theatre - c.1902-4

Edward Hopper - New York Movie - 1939
tall pretty young women in periphery of "screening room"

Hiroshi Sugimoto theatre

Dan Graham glass mirror sculpture

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