Sunday, August 6, 2017

plato's cave thirty six (being a film journal) it is happening again

Mark Frost and David Lynch - Twin Peaks: The Return - 2017
From Part One

Connections between Buella's house of debauchery, vice and business-unlawful in South Dakota and Ethan Edwards return to the Edwards West Texas homestead in John Ford's The Searchers from 1956. Ethan and Martha (brother and sister in law) surely want to get into the pursuit of pleasure in The Searchers but have restrictions that make it not possible, these restrictions don't exist at Buella's.

Heavy connections between Otis from Twin Peaks and Mose Harper (Hank Worden) from The Searchers. Otis is a heavy puller of the cork; god only knows what he is drinking, some Sadean moonshine. Kind of looks like something from The Silence of the Lambs, in the Baltimore Self Storage scene.

darkness enters

Glorious line "It's a world of truck drivers"
Comes off as nonsense, but surely has layers of meaning in the world of Twin Peaks

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