Monday, July 9, 2007

new music, here and there

some new music i picked up, and many discs i heard while traveling through the wilds of north carolina, from my two knowledgeable tour guides.

new arrivals (chartier, jgrzinich, roden and basinski):

richard chartier + asmus tietchens: fabrications

such delicate handling and transforming of asmus tietchens' sound work by richard chartier. much like the cover's image by chartier, the listener moves through white space with glimpses of colour and darkness. and as always with mr. chartier, encounters with liminality.....

jgrzinich: rudiment of two

nothing is wrong with judging a book (or cd) by its cover. with mr. chartier and jgrzinich, the cover image had a huge influence on my reception of the works. as with the picture above; in rudiment of two, the listener encounters texture, colour, light, and the blurring of abstraction & the objective world (drone soundscapes coming from, among other things, old glass wine jars in italy). as with his other releases, every listen is a new experience.

steve roden w/ jacob danziger: dark over light earth (front & back)

mr. roden's 4 channel audio work created for the mark rothko exhibition at the moca, using a recording of jacob danziger playing violin along to morton feldman's rothko chapel (while listening on headphones), then putting the recording through the wonderful roden sound processor (which creates a sound-world unlike any other). i take roden's advise and listen at such a low volume, i can barely hear anything, which can be wonderfully disorienting.

william basinski: el camino real

mr. basinski's subtle crafting of tape-loops from a recent performance at the montalvo arts center (although the cd says l.a.?). as always with his work, a beautiful collision of chaos and beauty, yet almost unnoticeable (like satie's furniture music).

things heard in north carolina, while eating and driving, sleeping and dreaming, drinking spirits, and even walking the dog. thanks to my guides:

new(ish) steve roden vinyl: in flows and spuns & lines and spaces
isaac hayes: hot buttered soul (especially by the time i get to phoneix)
new iron & wine: shepherd's dog
björk with antony: dull flame of desire from volta
panda bear: person pitch
henry wolff & dancy hennings: tibetan bells (great 70s drone album)
marsen jules: fane d'automne & coeur saignant (with trio yara)
roberta flack: first time ever i saw your face
shelley duval: he needs me
joanna newsom: joanna newsom & the ys street band ep
j. tillman: cds
quieter animal collective
the look of love: the burt bacharach collection (esp. the look of love with dusty springfield and stan getz + tracks by dionne warwick)
benoît pioulard: précis
christopher delaurenti: favorite intermissions, music before and between beethoven - stravinsky - holst
a broken consort (richard skelton): the shape leaves
akron family: tour ep
jimi hendrix: electric ladyland 1968
jimmy rodgers + carter family + lefty frizzell boxsets
the smooth sounds of merle haggard and george jones, and the mills brothers
new bill callahan album and single (woke on a whaleheart and diamond dancer)
stunning new colleen: les ondes silencieuses
jordi savall/marin marais: marais: suitte d'un goût etranger - pièces de viole du IV livre, 1717
dj olive: buoy
e.a.r. on thomas köner
le samuraï soundtrack by francois de roubaix
mihaly vig's soundtrack work for bela tarr
hermann nitsch: harmoniumwerk vol 1, 2, 3, 4
new islaja: ulual yyy
jean-françois laporte: (esp. mantra) on soundmatters
al green

otis redding
robert henke: layering buddha
sir richard bishop: fingering the devil (a great title....)
terry callier
z'ev: headphones musics, 1-6
terje isunget: igloo: icemusic
my morning jacket: various cds
zbigniew preisner: la double vie de veronique soundtrack
new ornette coleman: sound grammar

(and others......)
(this list is: so i can keep track of all this business)

images by k.lightowler & t.ligtowler


Anonymous said...

this all looks like very fine music and very fine pictures and a very fine vacation. I've got 'Daikan' from Thomas Koener which is not too bad. You've got plenty of stuff on your list I should check out.

Anonymous said...

do you know the 'unerforschtes Gebiet' one from Th. Koener? Jolly great, very much in love with that sort of sounds.

Anonymous said...

which ones on the list are most like Th. Koener? I don't know a lot of them. And entirely agree with your judging a book/cd by its cover theory...
now that I think of it, the Daikan one is really great.

the art of memory said...

i love those koner discs, my favourite is "kaamos" and the track "tabula smaragdina" with jurgen reble.
it is one of the best tracks ever done i think.
for others like koner on the list, well i forgot to mention the new stars of the lid cd. the first 4 (chartier, jgrzinich, roden, basinski), the tibetan bells disc (koner uses bells i think), christopher delaurenti, a broken consort, marsen jules, the dj olive maybe, z'ev, henke, and the new colleen if you like early music.
also the drone tracks on the soundtrack disc to satantango, which is bells.
all so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

god, I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes this stuff. I need to check them all out. do you know the fieldrecordings by Fennesz? Also cool.

the art of memory said...

yes, cool stuff.
the touch label is great, the graphics and photography are so stunning.
i wish i had all of them.

doru649 said...

nice, thanks for the word on "Rudiment of Two".