Thursday, July 26, 2007

no country for old men

no country for old men (d. coen brothers)

some movies i am looking forward to seeing:

-paranoid park (d. gus van sant)
-izgnanie (d. andrei zvyagintsev)
-climates (d. nuri bilge ceylan)
-4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (d. cristian mungiu)
-the man from london (d. béla tarr)
-no country for old men (d. coen brothers)
-one hundred nails (d. ermanno olmi)
-aleksandra (d. aleksandr sokurov)
-secret sunshine (d. chang-dong lee)
-sunshine (d. danny boyle)
-scott walker: 30 century man (d. stephen kijak)
-the darjeeling limited (d. wes anderson)
-there will be blood (d. pt anderson)
-go go tales (d. abel ferrara)
-i don't want to sleep alone (d. ming-liang tsai)
-rescue dawn (d. werner herzog)
-i'm not there (d. todd haynes)
-le voyage du ballon rouge (d. hou hsiao-hsien)
-3:10 to yuma (d. james mangold)
-razzle dazzle (d. ken jacobs)
-the highwater trilogy (d. bill morrison)

the highwater trilogy (d. bill morrison)

(and some forgotten)

r.i.p. laszlo kovacs

-laszlo & vilmos: the story of two refugees who changed the look of american cinema (d. james chressanthis)


shahn said...

yes, a sad thing to learn.
the film i'm looking forward to is laszlo and vilmos:

the art of memory said...

thank you very much for the link.
it is very sad.