Thursday, November 8, 2007

13 images of cow movement from sátántangó

béla tarr: sátántangó, 1994

shot length: 7.7 minutes

béla's (films) seem to be a successful and authentic departure , a wholly other cinema beginning over again. a cinema that needed to come from outside our western culture, a lost rosebud, one of the many directions cinema might have taken before we sold ourselves down the river.
béla's creations use static full figure landscapes, as if referencing the 1800's steam engine pulling into a station that would force audience members standing in the gallery to run for the exit so they wouldn't get hit by the train. somehow béla has gotten himself back there psychically and learned things all over again as if modern cinema had never happened.

from the camera is a machine by gus van sant found in béla tarr, filmunio hungary / museum of modern art new york, 2001



Great movie. Such a great experience as a viewer.
I am desperately waiting for The Man from London.

the art of memory said...

yes, i am very excited to see it as well. most people seem to not dig it, but i hope i have a different reaction.

jgrzinich said...

such an incredible opening shot. I really wonder if he took any multiple takes on those long shots.

the art of memory said...

i thought i read or heard something about that, but to be honest, i can't remember. it is just so perfectly choreographed, looks like he must have worked with those cows alot to get it so good.