Friday, November 16, 2007

było ciemno, gdy noc w cieniach (pogrążona), it was dark as night in shadows

joseph cornell: box with bird's nest and oak galls
cornell study center
from joseph cornell navigating the imagination

dirty skylight window (or rainy day effect dim light)-
then very conscious of mechanics of light coming thru
or by a table very bright...

stained hands with black ink not minding

(page 15)

-also a sequence of being on a couch and looking out
as though over a river at night & up at the constellations
-but as though they were seen in a picture book

(page 19)

standing gazing into open space rural- exquisitely
quintessential atmosphere of indian summer light...

-this one fragment best recalled mystical- akin to
eakins' painting of the scull tower

(page 50)

same very pale blue a gauzy opaque smoke grey- mass
overheard something from last night's dream almost
forming an image- soft mystical light on things helped
by the dirty windows

(page 56)

last night- a dream sequence about observing the city
in some phen. light- color- old + new- an image too
much to grasp in words- children looking out with me
something flowered from a large window frame

(page 67)

dream remembered- the sublime ones
too elusive detail only- large slices of snow

(page 68)

incident of a batch of pencils being sharpened much

(page 76)

brace of dreams into clear
catching a rabbit looking more like a fox
in hand goes to sleep
wakes up close-up
turns into my hand

(page 79)

field mouse
dream of mouse
live coals walking right into them unscathed

(page 93)

i go into the modest dwelling- "business" of a
labyrinthine wandering through the rooms...

beaut. music was going on non-vocal- one cd not
discern the source-

(page 103)

całe pozycje od joseph cornell's dreams zredagowany przez catherine corman
(tytułują od strony 4)
alt. title: to był ciemne jak (ponieważ) wieczór późny w cieniach