Tuesday, November 20, 2007

( as defined dreams of moments sometimes )

antonella de messina: the annunciation, 1476

determined moments from recent dreams
określane momenty od niedawnych snów
since a short time defined moments dreams
zaczynając od (od czasu; od tego czasu, jak) krótki czas określał sny momentów
from beginning ( since; from this time, as defined dreams of moments ) short time (sometimes)
od rozpoczęcia ( zaczynając od (od czasu; od tego czasu, jak); od tego czasu, jak (ponieważ) określał sny momentów ) krótki czas (czasem)
from beginning from ( beginning ( since; from this time, as ); from this time, as ( as defined dreams of moments sometimes ) ) short time (sometimes) ( ):

(jonathan coleclough)
-torch songs · jonathan coleclough & andrew liles
-one hour as sixty million years
-husk · jonathan coleclough & murmer
-long heat · jonathan coleclough & lethe
-makruna · minya
-leaves on the track · jonathan coleclough & colin potter (on intransitive twenty-three compilation)
-jonathan coleclough · bass communion · colin potter
-beech for john and miho · jonathan coleclough & tim hill
-beech · jonathan coleclough & tim hill (on infernal proteus compilation)
-period (with track by colin potter called periodic)
-low ground · jonathan coleclough & colin potter
-halant | heat | beech
-sumac · jonathan coleclough & andrew chalk

(with hopefully more someday)
((mr. de eriomém will be on vacation for a few days, and no posts, happy t.g.))


the art of memory said...

unless it wasn't clear, i have been listening to mr. coleclough quite a bit lately, one of my favourite "drone" artists.
they sure are from another world.

Daniel said...

Thank you so much for posting this picture! It plays a very prominent role on a character's wall in Eugene Green's short film CORRESPONDENCE (part of the omnibus MEMORIES) but was not identified in the film.

the art of memory said...

i don't know that film, didn't pop in imdb?
i love de messina, don't mess with the sicilians.

Milena said...

Beautiful painting. De Messina was good with portraits.

jgrzinich said...

I was just visiting with Jonathan recently. I wrote about seeing an installation of his: http://maaheli.ee/site/archives/120

the art of memory said...

yes milena, he was amazing, i love his st jerome especially.
and john, i did check out your post on mr coleclough, the istallation looks very interesting and seems to work well with his sound. do you know if there is any cd relating to it in the works? i keep waiting for his next release, like a drug addict waiting for a fix. such great great work.

Daniel said...

I'm not sure why MEMORIES has no IMDB listing. I saw it in the View from the Avant-Garde section of this year's New York Film Festival. I wrote it up here: http://www.d-kaz.com/blog/?p=308

jgrzinich said...

Jonathan has been working on a new piece for a while. It is related to the flute tracks in the installation. I'm not sure when it will be finished (he has been busy with other things).

albient said...

Coleclough is very good, I agree, but why no talk here of kindred spirit Paul Bradley, whose works are in the tradition of Coleclough, but arguably even more resonant, including collabs with the likes of Monos, Tate, Potter.

the art of memory said...

to be honest, i haven't found myself being able to get into them so much. i do like potter's h3o disc and his periodic, moments of màs memorias extranjeras by bradley and the lush track from behind your very eyes. but they are all so prolific, i really need to hear more.
but more resonant than coleclough? i don't know.... i think he is as good as it gets, even better.
and what about mirror and andrew chalk?