Tuesday, July 14, 2009

univers du western - lonely are the brave

david miller - lonely are the brave - 1962
(landscape photography)

kirk douglas - john w. "jack" burns


gena rowlands - jerry bondi

george kennedy - deputy sheriff gutierrez

walter matthau - sheriff morey johnson

carroll o'connor - hinton

william schallert - harry

bill raisch - one arm
(he was stand-in for burt lancaster)

cinematography by philip h. lathrop *
music by jerry goldsmith *
screenplay by dalton trumbo * from the novel brave cowboy by edward abbey

(number 9 of 500 detailing westerns)


Anonymous said...

I like your site / sharing this with you http://www.facebook.com/hills.snyder?ref=name#/group.php?gid=206442040297&ref=mf

Anonymous said...

Bad link -- I was connecting you to a project based on the Lonely Are the Brave at Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio. At any rate, I like what you've done with the still images...

the art of memory said...

looks good,
thanks for the link