Monday, February 20, 2017

plato's cave eight (being a film journal) aussie double feature

 - ted kotcheff - wake in fright - 1971
brian west - director of photography

“i wanted to recreate what i felt and saw – the heat, the sweat, the dust, the flies,” says kotcheff. “i said to the set designer and the costume designer, ‘i don’t want to see any cool colours. i don’t want to see blue or green. ever. on anything. all i want is red, yellow, orange, burgundy and brown. all the hot colours. on costumes, sets, everything.’ i wanted people to watch the film and be unconsciously sweating.”

 - david michôd - animal kingdom - 2010
adam arkapaw - director of photography

"you had your hand on your cock. your hands go anywhere near your arse or your cock, you wash 'em after."

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