Thursday, February 16, 2017

plato's cave seven (being a film journal)

sidney j. furie - the entity - 1982

recent films over the last couple of weeks

tom mccarthy - spotlight - 2015
fourth time watching this film. obviously really like it. one of those films that is made in a way that holds up to many viewings. mccarthy is great in the wire - the breeding ground for so many mf actors you see in contemporary film and television (omar....). the cast certainly has a feeling for actorshippe.

martin scorsese - shutter island - 2010
mentioned earlier on this blog for being a great primer on 20th century classical music. i have yet to see the silence. appears to be another great film from mr scorsese. haven't like much else since goodfellas from 1990. going to film school in the 90s, i remember hearing the grad students constantly obsessing over scorsese's work. i always liked hearing that talk.

shane black - the nice guys - 2016
this really wasn't a great film but it was entertaining. the daughter played by angourie rice stood out.

nicolas winding refn - the neon demon - 2016
jesus this was possibly one of the worst films i have seen in a while. i really like drive and vahalla rising, but this was utter fashionista nonsense. moments of superficiality in his other films (like the music in drive which is the soundtrack to every melon farmer bar in los angeles) is greatly exaggerated in this work.

alan j. pakula - all the president's men - 1976.
one of the first films i saw after moving to new york was pakula's klute in 35mm. had seen a few times and really loved it. hand not seen all the president's men a few for a long while.... great film! really appropriate with what is happening in the world right now.

jean-marc vallée - demolition - 2015
not without interest this film. just watched the once but had moments in it. chris cooper is always someone to watch and he was a great cinematic shitbird here.

david o russell - joy - 2015
i think mr. o russell is a director worth watching, and miss lawrence fine at actorshippe, but this film did not really do anything for me nor his other recent films. but quite possibly it is worth watching.

sidney j. furie - the entity - 1982
watched this for the second time. it is one of those films that despite the imperfections is really stunning. hard to put a finger on it. i have been wanting to gather a list of early 80s films that are in-between the wonderful chaos of the 70s and the brutally boring of the 80s. 1980, 1981, 1982 and maybe 1983 seem to have this oddness that is present and makes the viewing of these films extremely uncomfortable. another film that really works in this ways is jerzy skolimowski's moonlighting film from 1982. there is a slight return to films like this now i believe, with films like 2014's nightcrawler. more on this at a later point. my desire to track down horror films devoid of kitsch and gore brought me to this odd film. more on that later as well.

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