Tuesday, February 14, 2017

plato's cave five (being a film journal)

the brothers coen - blood simple - 1984

m emmet walsh gets a knife in his hand. really a fucked up moment in this film, i felt the most brothers coenesque moment in the film debut. walsh is really one sob in this, brings the film to a top notch level. 

the brothers coen - the big lebowski - 1998

all the art nonsense in the film is good business, from the vaginal art to la biennale.  i would pay serious money to see the landlord's dance performance to mussorgsky's pictures at an exhibition.  it is absurd for sure, but there is also something very emotional and transcendental about it. peter stormare's (i always refer to him as pancakes house) nihilism is something of profound inspiration.

the brothers coen - a serious man - 2009

the opening sequence is very cosmic. first couple of times i scratched my head watching. i find uncle arthur (played by richard kind) very mysterious. never read about him nor really analyzed him much, but the "outsider" notebooks, and relationship to the sex pot neighbor are intriguing.

the brothers coen - true grit - 2010

some dark as hell photography from mr. deakins.

re-watching some brothers coen films.  have seen these films many times over the years, never get tired of them. had not seen their debut in a long while, really great film, especially the ending with the knife in m. emmet walsh's hand. as a private dick on a job (or brother shamus), he shares a connection to da fino (jon polito) in the big lebowski; both hanging out in dark streets in an old vw beetle.

there is probably nothing new to be said about these films except that they are truly of great interest. although i included some minimal observations just for to bring together personal connections.

thinking of cinematography - barry sonnenfeld shot blood simple (he also shot miller's crossing and misery) and roger deakins shot a the big lebowski, serious man, and true grit.

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