Thursday, January 24, 2019

plato's cave eighty one (being a film journal)

Paul Schrader - Affliction - 1997
Fourth time or so watching this. Quite a film, from time to time a little dated but it has quite a stunning second half, really a beautiful film. Nolte is unreal, plays a superb traffic cop.

eXistenZ + Swingers
Two films I had seen in my youth, and this time had to turn them both off as they were just unwatchable. The former because the stupid video game culture nonsense, and the latter because the child actors made me disgorge in my mouth more than to my liking.

Bradford Young - Ain't Them Bodies Saints - 2013
Not bad. Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Ben Foster and Keith Carradine do some good business.

Barry Jenkins - If Beale Street Could Talk - 2018
Stunning movie by Mr. Jenkins. The guy has one unique visual style that is just a pleasure to watch.

Andrew Haigh - Lean on Pete - 2017
Second time seeing this film, had trouble the first time because I thought the depressing elements where a bit too heavy handed. I really loved the film this time but still had a bit of a problem with the ending (from Pete's demise on), with the exception of when he goes into the big city and gets a job.

Sergio Leone - Once Upon a Time in the West - 1968
A rewatch of this essential western.

Bradley Cooper - A Star is Born - 2018
The first half of this film moves really well and is beautiful to look at with great performances and story telling. Went down a bit with the American Idol type performances toward the middle, but came back with the major depression/addiction downward spiral. Not a great ending but overall this is a strong film. The two leads have the old screen magic.

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