Friday, March 16, 2007

abstractions from la cartomancienne

water sequences from jerome hill's film la cartomancienne / fortune teller, 1932.

this film contains 2 sublime abstract water sequences.

r. bruce eder explains that the film uses ideas about the transformation of the self that c.g. jung found in alchemical texts. although i find the rest of the film not exactly to my taste, the 2 abstract sequences certainly seem to be fine examples of the possibilities of alchemy and avant-garde film.
the first sequence looks like a stan brakhage hand-painted film, the second has a figure swimming under water, abstracted by the sun.

this film is on the disc the mechanized eye from the unseen cinema series curated by bruce posner.


kclare said...

These are beautiful!! The second image from the top really reminds me of these moss-covered stones I found in northern Scotland -- they were like lttle individual abstractions...

the art of memory said...

they must have been beautiful.
i went to the oakland columbariam recently (the 30s modernist one, not the julia morgan) and the gravedigger there brought me on a tour of all of the marble work and brought my attention to all the abstractions found within them (which was sort of a surreal experience). they had the same sort of qualities as well.
the world is just full of them~