Saturday, March 24, 2007

dogs and stairs by terragni

2 images relating to giuseppe terragni, fascist architect.

photo by terragni

novocomun, como, main staircase, terragni


Anonymous said...

These photos look amazing, simple subjects yet somehow create a GRAND SCALE feeling, love your blog my friend, keep up the good work

the art of memory said...

thank you,
i also find his images very GRAND indeed.
glad you found the blog.

sroden said...

hey, where are these images from? i have only the wonderful tiny danteum book. i love his work. never seen photos by him... these are great. "dog and stairs" sounsd like a good title for an LP :-)

the art of memory said...

it would be a good album,
i got them from the "terragni atlas" published by skira, it is one of my favourite architecture books, there is also a drawing terragni did of robert walser.