Sunday, March 18, 2007

brice marden

went to the brice marden exhibition at the sfmoma today (3.18.2007)
and decided to decorate the pages of the art of memory (b)leating (l)ethargic (o)rnery (g)oat with some of his fine images.


woolgathersome said...

Lucky you!

shahn said...

you beat me to it!
it was a fantastic show. these photos in your post are beautiful, although nothing compares to seeing them up close. especially the strange reflective quality some of them have.
nice posting.

the art of memory said...

it was an amazing show (except for the calligraphic work which doesn't do much for me).
you wouldn't believe the subtle delicacy of so many of the works on paper and monochrome paintings until you get up real close so you nose is almost touching.