Wednesday, March 28, 2007

tram serie 1500, 1928

carminati & toselli, breda e altri giovanni cuccoli


in action in milan (piazza cordusio)

working in san francisco, having been in milano, and loving trains and italian design, i felt obliged to put these three photos up i found in the book design anonimo in italia, by alberto bassi published by electa.
besides the beauty of the trains, they sure do make amazing sounds as well. when i heard these before i saw them in milano, i thought for a second i was in san francisco.

here is some info i found on the train:
"in the '20s, the urban tramways in milano were interested by a high traffic, increased after the reform on november 28th 1926 when all the radial routes were coupled to create diametral services. the urban trains of a two-axle motor car with a two-axle trailer were insufficient, so the ufficio tramviario municipale (utm) decided to adopt the bogie (four-axle) tram. at that time in italy four-axle trams weren't common: they were used only on interurban lines, saving for modena that since 1920 had had eight four-axle urban cars. soon two test units, numbered 1501 and 1502 and designed by the utm engineers, were built by carminati e toselli and were delivered to the utm in 1927. these two cars were the first milano single ended cars and followed the peter witt (cleveland transit leader) scheme". ivan furlanis site.

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I have just started loving you guys. Rest assured-I will come back and look at all of youse guyses stuff. B&W photography is awesome and you use it in the right way! Keep it up!