Friday, June 15, 2007

antonio lópez garcía, from la mancha

maria, 1972, pencil on paper

home of antonio lópez torres (uncle), 1972-75, pencil on paper

2 drawings by antonio lópez garcía, painter from la mancha

some fine sites to cogitate on:
tim lowly site
antonio lópez garcía: timeless realism in a spanish key
(which has this quote from lópez garcía: "the best art of [antiquity] achieves an emotional intensity that transcends individual achievement, its creators...were expressing a collective feeling that was beyond their individual limitations as artists. that, to me, is quite wonderful. the art of antiquity is like a paradise lost.")
víctor erice's film el sol del membrillo


kclare said...

I can't believe you posted on Garcia before me!! ;-)

That was going to be a very soon post...

Anyhow, you picked two of my favorites... Did you see the Quince film with us? San Rafael? Someone did...

I'm always tempted to say his work reminds of Tarkovsky, Vermeer, Bosch, etc... but it's really all its own..

the art of memory said...

well, i was waiting for yours, and waiting and waiting, but nothing doing:)....... so it was solely to give you a jumpstart.
i have only seen an ugly video copy, never on film.
i bet it was an experience.
the work is unique, can't think of to many others like him. so other wordly and from an undetermined time.
his uncle was a good painter as well.

Anonymous said...

kiarostami is like erice ... two lonely gods

Anonymous said...

lopez garcia is curious: a maximal minimalist or minimal maximalist... my favorite living artist...
interesting blog...
tim lowly

the art of memory said...

thanks tim,
i discovered your garcia lopez site a while back after seeing the erice movie.
it is very beautiful and great quality reproductions,
such a great way to see the work if you can't get close to them.
i would love to have the rizzoli book on him, but i guess it is the holy grail. truly beautiful.
didn't know you did music and painting, i will look into it, looks good after a quick glance.
thanks again.

Will said...

unbelievable. thank you for turning me on to this artist.