Monday, June 11, 2007

having replied with his "good evening", he became surpised at himself

many fine books on melancholia,
that i look forward to browsing when visiting the home of mr. arthur de eriomém

title from f. dostoevsky: the eternal husband 1870 (page 154 pevear/volokhonsky)


shahn said...

if you only saw what books i had to trade in today to get what i got....

the art of memory said...

well, i don't buy them anymore,
what did you get?

shahn said...

1.s.j.perelman, best of, modern library
2.shirley jackson, short stories plus two novels
3.john dos passos, novels 1920-25, library of america

i'm quite happy now i've got the fiction end of my summer reading lined up.

the art of memory said...

i have that dos passos edition but still have yet to read it. looks reaaaaal good though,
some day.
don't know the others to well. just the names.