Wednesday, June 20, 2007

edward hopper

east river 1920-23

the sheridan theatre 1937

new york movie 1939



i have been drooling over the edward hopper catalogue raisonné now for a while (it is $250.00). since i can't afford it, i look at it from time to time at work. here are some images from volume IV, the cd-rom of his works, including his journals.
a great book on hopper's journals/notebooks is: edward hopper: a journal of his work which is facsimiles of the notebooks (a selection only) assembled and maintained by his wife jo (now out-of-print).


Anonymous said...

i once made a comment that i can never walk away from a poem by Li-Young Lee unwounded...........

i find the same to be true of hopper's paintings .........something about his shadows

Anonymous said...

they glow ... a boon to see these non-canonical hoppers morbidly glowing

the art of memory said...

these works are strong in books, and in real life you have to look for something to hold you up.
i love the colors in the three, they have always been some of my favourites. glowing and wounding.

Anonymous said...

your choices are sturdy and consistent ... thought of this post just now while looking at something on the tate britain web site -- a notebook of francis bacon brush drawings, recently acquired, and reproduced page by page:

Milena said...

Hello my friend! How are you? It's been a while... :)

I like Edward Hopper. There is a great deal of solitude in his paintings. It's striking and hard.

the art of memory said...

very good thank you
just got back from a vacation (much needed)
hope all is well with you as well.