Tuesday, October 30, 2007

eyewater (to separate and to assemble together, or: some sublimates that have been listening)

look neither here nor there to view a miniature of an occult memory system by theartofmemory contributor mr. swiezynski


antonia said...

i do severely like it. but grey is my favourite music anyway.
the music which was perfect for the images reminded me of ballet music for William Forsythe that was made by Meissner/Ehlers/Willems, "Endless House".

the art of memory said...

thanks, it never dawned on me to put them up this way for download (and ipod friendly),
i love grey as well, and black and red as you can tell.

is that ballet based on frederick kiesler?
i like his work alot.
skelton's music is just unreal, hard to make an image that can go along with it.

antonia said...

i dont know anymore on whom it is based, but i like his ballet also a lot, i have seen it a couple of years ago. i think you succeeded very well in finding an appropriate image, the trees and also, in finding the appropriate speed in which to move the images so that it fits the music and the right colour. It's just great, a little gem in itself. an aphorism or something if such a thing exists for film. I was listening again to the Forsythe music, it indeed is strikingly similar and and the downloadthing is great.

the art of memory said...

i only slowed her down a tiny bit, it is basically the way the camera shot it, no manipulation, just some minor editing.

dave said...

This is very beautiful.

I appreciate the download possibility.

further technical questions to be sent via email.